Bizfarm: What’s in it for you?


Early Entrepreneurs Support systems enable you to focus on developing your business
Business persons Share your experiences so people don’t repeat the same mistakes
Employees Time to work for yourself? Let us help you pave the way
Educational Institutions Teach your students entrepreneurship the practical way
Corporates Drive your company’s growth by unleashing the entrepreneurial spirit
Government Develop Effective SMME development policies & implementation
Financial Institutions Get Bankable Business Plans & lower defaults due to  better support
SMME Support Agencies Let us develop the capacity of your institutions through partnership
School Students Learn to be an Entrepreneur by starting young
Investors Early Stage investments give you better returns on your investment
College Students Work Integrated Learning Experience and some pocket money
Businesses not in Durban Establish your presence in Durban / South Africa affordably
Retrenched Persons Use your funds wisely to start your business systematically
Pensioners Use your spare time to share your wisdom and help others
Social Organisations Grow your community and serve humanity by ‘teaching them to fish’
Donors Obtain better impact and social contribution – it will come back
Philanthropists Leave a Legacy that will make a real difference
Supply Chain Managers Develop Supplier Capacity by helping them to improve standards
Businesses Support Start-ups in need and they could be customers for life
Incubators Let more complement our services for better service delivery
Co-operatives Learn to start and grow your co-operative business
Women Free selected services during Women’s month – August
Grant Beneficiaries Empower yourself and create your own income streams
Criminals You are good at spotting opportunities – Just spot the right ones now
Gangsters You are good at Teamwork.  Just choose the right line of business

Bizfarm is a division of Dr Padalkar’s Research Resources cc.